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Canlyniadau Cystadleuaeth Creadigol/Symudiad Mawrth 2022- Results of the Creative/Motion Competition March  2022
(HC = Highly Commended C = Commended)

1 Pam Pritchard - Movement2      2 Pam Pritchard - Movement1

1  David Evans - Cadw Pawb yn Saff   1  David Evans - Elfyn Evans   2  Melanie Jones - Stunning Magnolia   3  Melanie Jones – Roses 
HC Melanie Jones - Wisteria in Bloom   HC Sue Parry - Reflective Rose   HC David Evans - Leaving Home   HC Egryn Lloyd – Featherdrops  
C Sheila Jones - Watery Tree and Moon   C   Egryn Lloyd - Water Maze   C   Melanie Jones - Sunset in Petra   C   Sheila Jones - Psychadelic Tree
C  Ceri Williams - Paddle Boat Pistons on Full Throttle   C  Meirion Jones - Lone Quarry Tree   C Ceri Williams - Damping Down the Fire 
C  Richard Jones - Abi
1 Movement2 - Pam Pritchard
2 Movement1 - Pam Pritchard
Blue Line1
1 Elfyn Evans - David Evans
1 Cadw Pawb Yn Saff - David Evans
2 Stunning Magnolia - Melanie Jones
3 Roses - Melanie Jones
HC  Wisteria In Bloom - Melanie Jones
HC Reflective Rose - Sue Parry
HC Leaving Home - David Evans
HC Feather Drops - Egryn Lloyd
C Watery Tree & Moon - Sheila Jones
C Water Maze - Egryn LLoyd
C Psychadelic Tree - Sheila Jones
C Sunset in Petra - Melanie Jones
C Paddle Boat Pistons On Full Throttle - Ceri Williams
C Lone Quarry Tree - Meirion Jones
C Damping Down The Fire - Ceri Williams
C Abi - Richard Jones

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Blue Line1